When A Fresher Took Me Out For The First Time

‘’Babe, I am at the gate, are you coming?’’ I read the text on my phone three times. This was too good to be true. She was actually serious on taking me out.

‘’Yes I am coming love.’’

‘’Please come fast, it is getting late and I have to go back to the hostel before the rest are asleep. You remember I told you I lost my keys, so I have to come back in good time so that my roomies can open the door for me.”

It took me a long time to figure out what to wear on this special day. You know what it means to a man when his lady is taking him out and everything I mean the bill is on her. What would be her view of me after the whole thing? Would she think I am a gold digger? That would be a great shame especially for a man of nyadhi (style) like people know me. Gold digger is a term that is most popular in reference to ladies as compared to its application on men, no offence.

After thinking for a while, I dressed up and walked out of my hostel room feeling a little guilty. Sheila was waiting at the campus gate. She was a bubbly chic, her emotions not easily hidden from her face as seen in her lips that curved downwards, when she smiled, I couldn’t help but smile back even if the smile was shown from one side of her lips and her charming glamorous looks and modesty combined with a little naivety made me fall for her. To be in the company of such a beauty was the best thing any normal man would crave for.


If there’s a lady I had always wanted to be with forever, it was this lady to whose waist I had clung. Her long legs, her blue eyes, her soft and spotless face, the killer smile, a good mastery of the queen’s language, a soft spot for fine fashion, a well-designed and endowed body structure and finally a very defined and detailed future plan. I mean where else would I get such a woman or better, a woman with even half of these characteristics? She was the true definition of beauty.

We walked slowly towards Steamz, the most popular pub in Machakos among the campus students. On normal occasions, from school it takes about ten minutes. On this day, I am not sure why it took us long to get there. I was feeling a little nervous and shy because she was taking me out on her bill. It had come up as a joke when she asked me to take her out but I made an excuse because I didn’t have money then. She then decided that we would go out and she would foot the whole bill.

Extremely loud music was playing when we got to the pub. The look on Sheila’s face, that look that made me feel out-of-place and that she was the boss having been drinking for as long as she ca remember, betrayed what she really was or at least what I knew her to be, but where else would we have gone out that evening? Definitely not a game park or supermarket, haha. Her eyes met mine as we kissed just at the entrance to the pub. Otieno, the bouncer at the door was getting pissed off, I could feel his terrible looks on us. Earlier in the year we had almost fought over a lady and our enmity began after that incident. Despite us not in good terms, he didn’t have any moral authority to stop our blossoming romance.

On a first look, you would not notice that she was just a fresher who was not even a week old in campus. I had come to school a few times so I would have an opportunity to get the best out of the freshers who were just joining campus. Sheila was the one. She was a good lady to couple up with, I made the first move and there we were already going out.

She didn’t disappoint. The lighting at the pub was okay, as far as I was concerned. It was enough to see only that which was necessary. Getting drunk has never been my thing and even on this day, I was not going to compromise just to please my new catch but how was I going to tell her about this? She would definitely be disappointed and that was the last thing she was going to expect from her man. She had a feeling I was the best man she could have as she began her campus life journey. Either way, I didn’t disappoint. I made sure I didn’t fall below her expectations of a good man.

For the first time, I was going to drink not because I really wanted to; but how else would I keep Sheila?

Hardly had we sat when the waiter approached our table, carrying drinks. I was later to learn that there was already a pre-order. So far, Sheila had proved me wrong especially in relation to what I knew of her. It made me think that I had not taken enough time to know enough about her. She was acting so differently from what I knew of her. In front of us were bottles of popular alcoholic drinks Legend and Jameson. There was a Premier League match between Manchester United which is my favourite, and Everton. Manchester United was the host and therefore the match was played at Old Trafford stadium.

I felt her move her hand on my thighs; I was not sure what she was up to. I don’t mean I was not so naïve but I had a feeling it was too early for anything that direction. She got her bottle open with some sort of experience that drove a point home, she had been in this ‘business’ for some time. ‘’Gooooaaaaaaal’’ came shouts from the pub. Lukaku, a Manchester United striker had just scored a goal, so as an ardent fan, I rose and shouted in celebration as I walked out of the pub.

Just as I stepped out, I felt a soft hand pull me back. The intention was to get out so that Sheila could follow me and from there, I could sweet talk her out of the idea of getting me drunk. I ignored her and pulled off my shirt and walked out. Instead of getting mad at me, she pushed me against the wall and kissed me passionately; probably having sensed that I was against the alcohol idea. For a long time, I had vowed not to, wait, NEVER to be partisan to alcoholic drinks. My friends can bear me witness. Not even my best friend would persuade me against this stand. On this day, I was not going to stand the test of time.

To this day, how I got drunk, only god knows but I remember drinking…. The last thing I remember was getting back to the pub, taking one, two, three tots. I took them so fast and as soon as we were done, I soberly (knowing well any delay, would make dance on the tables and cause trouble in the pub) asked that we leave before I got worse. Inside, I was getting overwhelmed by the effect of the alcohol I had just taken.

Sheila was sensitive and realized I was getting overwhelmed(avoid repetition, how about ‘realized what was happening’) so she held me tight as we left. Where the National Transport and Safety Authority vehicle came from, I don’t know; all I remember is Sheila and myself being bundled into the vehicle. About ten o’clock we were at the police station, all the while blaming myself for the arrest. There was no way out.

We agreed Sheila was to save us from the situation so we could get back to school, considering what she was capable of doing with her looks. At half past ten o’clock, one of the guards came for Sheila. I told her not to give in to anything stupid that would cost her even later on after we had left.

‘’Uuuwwiiiiiiii. Leave me alone!” shouts rented the air outside the cell in another room. Something sinister was happening to Sheila. What was I to do, locked up in the cell?

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