I have been out of school for quite some time now because of the Lecturer’s strike. I am not sure if I am happy about the whole thing but that wouldn’t change anything. To keep myself busy I have been engaged in construction work here in Syokimau popularly known as mjengo because as it is said, “A lazy mind is the devil’s workshop.” I am a strong member of the church so I wouldn’t want to give room for the devil. Why should I? I also do not know why I shouldn’t. That’s a story for yesterday. Hahaha. Unfortunately I am paid peanuts due to the nature of my job. Actually I work as ‘mtu wa mkono. ‘Anyone who has worked in this capacity knows well there’s quite a challenge especially with the kind of duties allocated. You can be allocated any duty even going to the shops to buy airtime for the foreman, who is in charge of the construction site. 

The money I have been earning, is for buying myself a red suit and red flowers to give myself a treat during the Valentines now that I am a senior bachelor. Last year I was invited to speak to some members of the Opus Dei, the non-marrying members of the Catholic Church at my village, courtesy of the assumption that I have got experience in the field of bachelorhood and that it’s by choice. Only if these people knew how much pressure is on me not to marry, not to have a girlfriend but to have just a girl who is a friend. The burden has been so deep that I was forced to ask myself where the rain began ‘beating’ me. Is it because my great grandfather ate the remainder of the forbidden fruit after Adam and Eve were done eating it or because escaped from the first world war or because he married my great grandmother at the age of eleven years and so I am immature in a way? No. All these are not true. 

It was one of those days when we were just finishing up at the construction site in preparation to go home with our wages after a whole day’s work, when I saw a lady approaching. From the look she was desperate for our assistance though I was not sure. Knowing that I am a bachelor not by choice but purely on circumstances, I brought up a topic on politics with my work mates. The debate was so heated up that they did not notice I had left. This was to keep them busy as I went to meet the potential wife I was seeing. At least I would want to take somebody out this Valentine even if I was not going to gain a thing Who knows? Whichever the case, I wasn’t going to give up on her. When I met her finally, I got that ‘ishish’ feeling. I felt like blushing and we hadn’t talked yet. That was a blunder and I had to correct as soon as possible lest I give a wrong picture of myself. The lady was BEAUTIFUL. 

She had a round subtle shape which was twine-thin. Her waist was tapered and she had a burnished complexion. A pair of arched eyebrows looked down on sweeping eyelashes. Her delicate ears framed a button nose. A set of dazzling, angel-white teeth gleamed as she blew gently on her carmine-red fingernails. It was a pleasure to see her flowing, moon shadow-black hair. Her enticing, constellation-blue eyes gazed at me over her puffy, heart shaped lips. Heaven had come down. I organized my English because that’s what I was comfortable with. Her looks deserved some good English anyway. The lady was shocked at my English. How would a mjengo man speak such good English. I just wanted to appear sophisticated in as much I was working at mjengo. 

When I was through with the very elaborate introduction, she told me she was a sales and marketing representative with some company dealing in electric fences and she had come around to look for potential buyers. All that while I kept looking at the lady. Her beauty was bewildering. If I let her go I knew I would never get married. I even didn’t want to know her marital status not even her relationship with any man on this earth. That wasn’t important. What if her answer would break my heart which I was not ready for. I offered to take her around looking for people who would be interested in electrical fences for their homes. Too bad. It’s only our house where there was no electrical fence. In our conversation I hinted about my interest in her. “Please get me right.” I made myself clear. We walked slowly to our house which was the only one without an electric fence. If she thought I was taking her around to gain anything from her was not my business in as much as she tried to behave as professional as possible. I just didn’t care. My uncle had not been around and I didn’t want Nyamkago to know where I stay. Until now I don’t understand why I didn’t feel free to let her know where I live. 

Because no one was around, she left a flyer with her contacts in case the owner of that house, which was our house, came back he would contact her. I slid the flyer under the gate and escorted her as she left. I was done. In as much as I feared talking to her, I was sure she had left her contacts behind which I would take advantage of. My tears almost flowed freely as I watched Nyamkago go. As a bachelor I have never known how to seduce a lady, not even the basics. She had felt uncomfortable when I told her point blank “I want you.” That was all I could say. Please if you are specialized in that area I would want to make a call so that you help me out on that. Hahahahaha. 

She was gone. Nyamkago was gone. When my uncle came that evening I never delivered the flyer to him. The contacts on it were for my personal use. At around ten o’clock  that evening, I made a call. At that time of the day, I knew the call rates were as low as one bob per minute and so with my 10.0 worth of airtime would take me through some meaningful conversation. Immediately I introduced myself as “Sidney, the cool guy you met at the construction site”, she hang up. 

I got mad at her and sent a couple of insults, serious insults. Those were insults I would never want to mention here. Why was she hanging up, when it was my airtime I was calling with. Did she even know how much I had sacrificed to get that airtime? I cried the whole night, literally. It was hurting. If she stayed single, I would be okay because maybe later we would meet but what if she decided to get married?? I am not also sure if she is married already. Aih! No she is not. (consoling myself)

This morning, I have received a call from her, two and half weeks later. This is the text. “Hello Sid, I love you sososososso much. Where should we go for Valentines this time round?  I love your English. You are the man of my dreams. “Ass I write this, I am still confused. How do I react to this. The problem is that, there is no lady who has ever told me this, meaning it’s something I have been dying to hear. On the other hand, she is not genuine about her intentions after all I have Kshs 1200 that I have accumulated at mjengo for three weeks, which is not enough to do anything serious maybe I use it to eat a mixture of omena, pizza, ugali and cabbage, my favorite food, on Valentine’s day. 


  1. Sid😂😂😂😂. She will hang up when you call her after valentines. Just eat your favorite meal and dream of her but nothing else…nice piece. Loving it.

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