Nyautende,my crazy campus girlfriend.


Nyautende is one of the most beautiful ladies yours truly has met in quite along time.She was the one from the word go.Everything about her was perfect.Her legs,wobbly and powerful while her eyes were blue and looking at them, you would think you were looking at the waters in the ocean when crystal clear.Actually she was the true definition of a woman.My first encounter with her was during the University Students Orientation programme and she had sat right in front of me.Looking at her whenever she looked behind to survey the large crowd behind her,I got that ‘ishish’ feeling.Being freshmen at the university,I had purposed that she was going to be my girlfriend for the rest of my university life and by extension was looking at her as a possible wife material but wasn’t sure,the reason being that she was too beautiful to stay with one man for a long time.My escapades for this hot chick began from day one of setting foot on the university grounds.

Yours trully

The following day,she again sat at the same place she had sat the previous day.Quite a good coincidence it was favouring me. Nyautende was a lady I would fight for despite my skinny,thin-muscled and bony body.As I sat behind her,I would wish her pen,book or phone falls down so that I would pick it for her and with that,I would get noticed with a ”thank you”.Poor me!Nothing close to this happened.Even loud coughs and clearing of my throat behind her,never caught her attention.After the session,she left so quickly that I didn’t have an opportunity to meet her.Was she avoiding me?No she wasn’t because she had not even noticed me.
Thursday,being the end of the orientation programme,I decided to go and sit right beside her even if I was not going to talk to her.When evening came and we were leaving for our hostels and rentals where we lived,I stopped her just as she was going past the university gate.”Hey”,I said in a voice that made me look like I wasn’t sure about what I had just said.Luckily,she heard my quirky voice and turned.When she looked at me,I lost everything I wanted to say;those eyes.Without hesitation,I found myself also turning as if it wasn’t me who had signaled her.The thought that somebody would claim her before I could and make her a girlfriend,made me mad and gathered courage.What i told her I don’t remember but as I went home,I had her contacts and her second and most popular name,Nyautende. Quite a name this was.
The whole night was almost spent chatting and just sealing any loop holes.By dawn,I was sure that I was the one and only one.What I realized had made things easy for me is that she was from these gated communities in the city where one is locked in the compound the whole day and only leave for school and probably shopping at the supermarkets.Therefore,interaction with the opposite sex was rare,having learnt in a girls school the rest of her life.She got crazy about me,really crazy.I am not even sure if you are getting the craziness I am talking about.
One week later,I had already convinced her enough that she even trusted me with sleep overs at her place.She could take me out for shopping and for picnics.It was real fan coupled up with the fact that we did not begin our lectures for about a month.Anyone who saw us thought we were brother and sister and the very creative ones thought husband and wife.Only if they knew we had met in campus for the first time.I wasn’t going to lose Nyautende any soon even for the most experienced fisi as those who have the greatest crave for women in Kenya are popularly known.We shared everything and even the important dates in our lives like our birthdays and other dates,our worst and best food,colours,games and even places we both would want to visit given opportunity.

Time was moving so fast and soon we began attending lectures.Unfortunately,we were taking different courses and had to attend our lectures at different times depending on our timetables.so much was Nyautende’s craze for me that at times,she would miss her lessons to come and be with me,attending class with me.My birthday fell exactly thirteen days after we began our lectures.My campus girlfriend surprised me.

In the middle of one of my lectures,scheduled for 10.00am to 1.00pm,there was noise outside the hall and our lecturer walked out to find out what it was that was disrupting the session.Earlier in the day,my girlfriend had told me that if I went with my phone and wallet to class,they would be stolen and so when she had insisted so much,I obliged and kept them in the house.Just as the lecturer was walking out,two of my campus friends walked into the lecture room with buckets of water and poured them on me to my surprise.My fellow classmates took to their heels surprised at what was happening.Myself,I was surprised too at what was happening.What had I done this time round?I had not seen anything like that coming.

As I took to my heels,I was stopped at the door by Nyautende with her best friend behind her carrying a cake for me.I stood there,water dripping from my clothes as she warmly hugged me. It was my first birthday after we met and quite a special one. She was happy for that thing that tied us together-LOVE.  


My birthday cake.

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