Not Today!

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I had spent my day with Elton. We had hang out the whole day catching up on a few things and generally life. He is one of those friends who we have amazing conversations with. We’d spent a greater part of the day talking and not realized how fast time was moving. After the hangout, we decided to get some samosas. We both stayed at apartments that were quite apart so we had intended to have the samosas and bid each other bye.

As we walked to the shop popularly known for the sweet samosas, we met a lady headed to that very shop. At the shop, there were many people being attended to so I decided to strike a conversation with the lady to pass time as I waited for my turn. She was easy going and so the conversation got lengthier.

“I saw you at Amani Restaurant the other day and you didn’t say hi.”

“No, I didn’t see you. Why didn’t you say hi to me?” I responded to her a little surprised. I am meeting this lady for the first time and she’s accusing me of having not greeted her at a local restaurant. Who does that? All the same, we continue with the conversation until we finally are able to buy our samosas and hastily left. After bidding bye to my friend I decided to walk home and since we were going the same direction with my new-found friend, we decided to keep each other company.

“Sid, where do you stay?”

“I stay not very far from here.” I say as I show her the direction of my house.

“I also don’t stay far from here. Can I take you home? I am not in a hurry. I have had supper and I don’t want to get to the house and get bored.”

The lady friend, let me call her Kaswi just in case she gets to read this piece, got me thinking… Haha this lady must have been kidding but I was wrong because she insisted on taking me home when on normal circumstances it should be the other way round. All my efforts to convince her that I was okay going home alone and that it was better for her to just go home and that we’d talk the following day were like what my grandmother puts as “crying in a housefly’s funeral.”

This was a tough call on me plus I hadn’t planned to have a visitor that day.

“I am not tired too so before I get to the house, I want to pass by a friend’s business shop and play FIFA a bit before I probably go home at ten o’clock.” I said as I walked to some local joint where I normally meet up friends to play FIFA. This was meant to distract Kaswi and make her give up on taking me home as she intended. That sounds awkward right?

It was nine o’clock and I hadn’t planned to go and play FIFA but as an effort to keep this self-imposed friend away, I decided to. She gladly followed me to the hall where the PlayStation was stationed. Quite rhyme there, right? I gave up. So, I played until around ten o’clock. All that time, she had been waiting for me. Everyone thought she was my new catch but wondered why I wasn’t excited about her. I just wish they understood my situation.

Luckily, the lady was a Maasai and the rest of my friends were my ‘hommies’ so I explained to them in our mother tongue what was happening. They couldn’t stop laughing at me. It was getting late and I had to leave and get home. Most of the business shops and stalls had been closed.

Caught up in this situation, I had to go with Kaswi to my place. I hated the whole idea. It was late and there was no way I was going to let her go anywhere alone, not even to her place. I mean, I am a gentleman. So I decided to take her with me. Soon, we were at my place. I quickly opened the door because it was getting cold outside. Kaswi walked into my house as if she had been there before. This got me wondering just how much she had been waiting to get to my place. To her, this was home. Remember, I was meeting her for the first time. I regretted why I had started the conversation in the first place. I got in and closed the door behind us.

As soon as I locked the door, I got off my t-shirt, put out the lights and dressed in my shorts. I was not going to allow this lady see my nakedness and she was just a stranger. No way. We laughed it off but I had made up my mind that she was not going to see my nakedness. Just not that day.

After that, I grabbed the switch and got the lights on. Not having much to do, I spread my bed and told her she was free to sleep as I slid into my duvet ready to sleep. I had had a long day and the last thing I wanted to have were more conversations with this stranger. She seemed to be in the mood for stories, call them bedtime stories. Hell no. I was damn tired.

I intentionally left the lights on as I assessed the situation. Kaswi grabbed the duvet from me, covered herself and slid off her trousers.

“Please don’t uncover me.”

“No. How would I even do that? I don’t think I can be that disrespectful, not to a lady.”

That made her build some trust in me. She became a little more comfortable after that response. Initially I was reluctant to sleep. You’ve ever heard of those stories where a lady stranger empties a guy’s house? Those ones where a lady drugs a guy and carries away his belongings? I was almost in a similar situation. After talking a little more, I realized this lady was as harmful as a mosquito biting a hippopotamus. I relaxed and cooled down.

When Kaswi was done undressing I asked her if it was okay if I put out the lights.

“Yeah, sure.”

“Alright.” I answered as I jumped off the bed to put off the lights.

As we talked, she switched the torch on her phone on and showed me some scar she had had on her thigh earlier in the day. Hehe! Those thighs were eye catching. I wanted her to show me just a little more. I didn’t want to show her I was interested though.

“What happened? I am so sorry.” I don’t remember what she said in response.

“Can we sleep? Make sure you don’t touch me.” She said as she giggled.

I hadn’t planned to touch her, I wasn’t interested in her in the first place so what was the point touching her? But now that she mentioned it, I don’t know what happened. She was very intentional in what she said.

A few minutes past midnight, after several tosses, I felt her hands on my waist pretending that she was stretching. Mark you, I had slept facing the wall. Something I was certain about is that I wasn’t going to lay a stranger. How was I going to lose my virginity to a stranger? No.

Slowly but sure, I felt her hands unbutton my shorts. She got closer. I turned and faced her because the way she was touching me and the feeling I had, what other option existed? I pulled her closer, ran my fingers through her long natural hair, pulled her closer again and whispered in her ear “Kaswi, not today.”


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