There’s this throbbing in my head, 

Burden in my heart,

Nagging feeling in my conscience,

And it won’t stop. 
Everything you do makes my heart ache,

All your actions draw me to the edge,

Every single part of me crumbles,

And it won’t stop. 

I don’t know,I can’t decide,

But I keep checking up on you,

Staring into space,

Trying to remember us,

US  before pride came in, 

And it became U+S

U and Sad me= US

I regret knowing you,

I hate it that I fell too hard,

And I can’t stop.

I will never stop thinking about you,

The way you smiled,

Your stupid grin when you won a fight,

How you would carry yourself so confidently,

Sad me can’t stop remembering you,

Same way you came is the same way you left,

With no notice…

Getting over you is taking time,

Its snowing in summer,

And it won’t stop.

Every single part of me crumbles,

I try to move my body but it collapses,

Only my fingers move,

Tracing them down my spine, 

Looking into space,

Then a chill runs down my spine,

And it won’t stop.
Everyday, every hour, I think,

And I stop.
Did I push you away,

You stole my breath,

Am suffocating, dying inside,

Losing my cool,

And I won’t stop until I get closer.
Your favorite song keeps playing,

And it won’t stop,

It can’t stop, 

Because you’re my favorite song,

My worst mistake,

The pill am addicted to,

The cancer in my bones,

Eating me up,

Tearing me apart,

And it won’t stop.

5 thoughts on “IT WON’T STOP

  1. It never stops, that feeling of regret, hate and love at the same time.
    It never stops, being torn between holding back and moving forward,
    It never stops, crying during pain at the same time smiling at the memories,
    It won’t, can’t and will never stop if it made sense.

    Awsome piece.

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