Insight From a Plus Size Model

Ever heard that that this world was made in seven days and in an orderly manner,

See, our very own existence is based on order but law and order doesn’t exist with us,

We exist in categories set by a society with people who bend laws and discord orders,

Ever noticed how the larger categories are made of few little characteristics that make them feel like Superior creatures,

How does a flat tummy, small asses and flat chests weigh more than a chubby belly, curves and survival?

See, to be plus size in this society is a constant battle to survive body shaming, criticism and eyes, yeees hawking eyes

See, me today, a plus size model, isn’t a smooth ride too, in the mind of the old, being a plus size model was a way of body shaming,

If I’ve survived weighing more and still winning why can’t you survive an urge to criticize people based on their looks and help set the categories in our society lawful.

Am uncategorized because this plus in my size propels me to get better designs for other plus women, focus on poses that mend my soul and pictures that remind me I still got plus goals to achieve despite me being ‘abnormal’,

See, if we all matched our thoughts of being one, allowed our desires to set us on fire, let our goals to light our paths then we would be a plus society. Sadly, all is left for our society is mortal petite women and abnormal plus size women.

The plus in my size is my motivation to break rules, take leaps of faith in achieving my goals and help a beautiful woman know there’s no place she doesn’t fit,

Even a cooperate table can accommodate a plus chair, no managerial chair is not large enough to accommodate an intellectual mind,

Heels, Struts, fashion and creativity are for the whole uncategorized society and guess what, God is above us all but we’re all his,

Show some love and let’s remain one uncategorized nation of God.


Mulati Lydia Nemali (@nemali_11)

Model at House of Legacy

Student at Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology(JKUAT)

Photo Courtesy: veejayphotography







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  1. Wow! This was so beautiful and uplifting! Thankyou for recognizing the beauty in all women, and this is coming from a woman who struggles with self/esteem issues!

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