How to cultivate your reading habbits.  

Hallo my literary friend,
Thank you for showing interest in books. Thank you for having a spot for those endless words on the pages. Your book thirst is what will make you go through a booklist comfortably. In the books you will find a wealth of knowledge. At this point I would like to clarify to you my stand on books, reading classics doesn’t make you classy but reading a variety of books shapes your lifestyle. Let’s get rolling.

Remember that reading is a personal Endeavour and you should derive joy in each book you come across.

There are so many books in the world that even if you made reading your career you will not finish them. This is the point where you set a target. How many books do you want to read in a week, in a month or in a year? How many genres are you targeting? 

Identify your captivating niche when it comes to reading, what you love reading so that it may act as a catalyst in your reading adventure. This may be in form of blogs, newspaper pull outs and Facebook posts of people you have prized for holding up meaningful writings.

You may consider joining a book club. This will provide a platform for you to meet up with book nerds and get challenged to read widely. You will get exposed to what readers want from authors through discussions. I’m convinced this is a great platform for some book genres to be demystified.

Attending reading forums and workshops will help you grab recently launched books; interact with the critics and the authors themselves. It will also help you understand a book easily. 

The other bonus lies in maximizing the use of book fairs. The benefits are many, however today I will give you two as you will discover the rest as you attend the fairs. You will get books at discounted prices and have them autographed for you since majority of authors are always in attendance. Moreover, you will meet your future clients, employer and role models.

There is something new in the cities. I call them new but they have just been revamped and made more interesting for this modern age. I have been lucky to attend some and I confidently recommend storytelling sessions or oral literature weeks to you, bookie. Most of those narratives are adaptations from books that are rare to be found on bookshelves.

Once you have gone through that celebrated novel you may write a review of it. This way you will make it memorable and easy to understand it. You may also have your vocabulary basket building up.

Do you have a favorite author? Find his other books and consume them with fervor. Get to know who else writes like him or who writes better than him and read on him too. You may do this by looking up on previous done reviews, discussions on the book and also asking friends.

There is pleasure in holding a properly bound book in your hand, caressing it page by page, inserting a beautiful bookmark in it and even caring for it by shelving. Invest in purchasing paperbacks. 

Do not feel overwhelmed when you see posts such as 33 books everyone should read before turning 30. You may pick two or as much as you can and add to your reading list target. 

Lastly, you need to understand yourself so that you know when is your best reading time? At what sitting position are you comfortable with reading? At what place does reading become enjoyable to you?

Happy reading!

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