Once upon a time,
Solitude was as precious as a dime,

We would be alone but not lonely,

Then the story changed strangely,

Our beings became filled with dust,

Blinding our eyes of trust,

Trust in the power of solitude,

Love turned to lust,

Something real,  became instinct,

Feelings unjust and loneliness a motivation.
When you say “I love you too”,

Do you mean “I am scared as you”

Scared to think of who I am, scared to

face my fears and insecurities?
When you decide to be broken together,
When you hold her hand in the dark,


Do you feel her soft flesh or her cold fingers?

Cold due to insecurities and tension,

Afraid that tomorrow you won’t be

there for her, will you?
When you kiss her forehead,

Do you feel the tinge of her muscles,

Or blood gushing under her skin?
Blood pumped by a scared heart,

Scared that tomorrow it might be hurt,

Or that you will leave her broken,

All alone in a dreadful world;lonely.


Are you afraid of solitude or are you in love?
Loneliness brews loneliness,

We’ve become weary,

Weary of reality, sincerity and connectivity,

We all resort to quick fixes,

To relationships instead of friendships,

Relationships where flaws are frowned upon,

You see her bra before you notice her eyes,

You know the scent of her neck before you hear her laugh,

His abs intrigue you more than his character,

Her hips are more pleasing than her brain,

It doesn’t matter if you connect,  what matters is,  you find comfort away from loneliness.


We can’t say we are driven by love,
When our teeth gnash and our fingers tremble when we are alone,

When we keep skeletons in the closet close because “I love you too” doesn’t necessarily mean “am into you”

It could mean you make me forget am scared.

In a world of more, everyone wants, expects and is driven by more,

Choose contentment, it brings peace.

More won’t make you happy, it will make you want more.

You’re enough ALONE.


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